Ozite, a division of Foss Manufacturing Company, LLC, is a vertically integrated producer of engineered fabrics.

Our process begins with the production of solution dyed polyester and polypropylene Foss fiber. During this process, we are able to manufacture the fiber with additives that improve UV stability, are fire resistant, and inhibit the growth of bacteria. (Naturion antimicrobial technology is the premier fiber technology to safely and effectively inhibit the growth of destructive and odor-causing bacteria). Our polyester fiber can also be spun out of post consumer recycled plastic bottles. (Eco-fi is 100% certified PET fiber).

Along with producing fiber and fabrics, we have extensive in-house finishing capabilities including saturation, coating, hot melt adhesives, film extrusion, lamination, thermobonding, embossing, and calendering. We also convert fabrics into ready-to-use products through slitting, cut-to-length rolls, die cutting, bolting, sheeting and special packaging.

Our Ozite line of products represents the finest quality in consumer-ready non-woven fabric materials. Backed by many years of experience and our QS 9000/ISO 9001 certification, we look forward to serving the needs of our customer for many innovative years to come.