Carpet Pad

Ozite carpet cushion is perfect for use under carpets in medium-high traffic areas in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, and many more installations.

Some of the features and benefits are:

  • Comfort under foot
  • Made from Eco-fi (100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles)
  • 100% SD polyester construction for added tensile strength and resiliency
  • Superior thermal insulation and acoustical properties (0.66 noise reduction coefficient)
  • Will not break down or bottom out
  • Durable enough to stand up to heavy commercial use
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Moth-proof; mildew and odor-resistant
  • Offers firm support under carpets
  • Also available with our patented Naturion™ antimicrobial technology

Product Details:

Style(s):   Supreme 32, Superior 28, Super 24

Specifications for Supreme 32:
100% SD Polyester
Weight: 32 oz per yd2
Density: 8.9 lbs per ft3
Thickness: 7/16″

Specifications for Superior 28:
100% SD Polyester
Weight: 28oz per yd2
Density: 7.8 lbs per ft3
Thickness: 3/8″

Specifications for Super 24:
100% SD Polyester
Weight: 24 oz per yd2
Density: 6.0 lbs per ft3
Thickness: 1/3″

Test Data:
Radiant Panel ASTM E-648 Class 1
HUD/FHA VM72a   Passes
(CPSC) FF 1-70   Passes

Warranty:Limited (life of carpet)